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Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet vĩ đại indicate the correct answer vĩ đại each of the questions.A recent study shows that an unequal share of household chores is still the norm in many households, despite the fact that many more women now have jobs. In a survey of 1,256 people ages between 18 and 65, men said they contributed an average of 37% of the total housework, while the women estimated their share vĩ đại be nearly double that, at 70%. This ratio was not affected by whether the woman was working or not.When they were asked what they thought was a fair division of labour, women with jobs felt that housework should be shared equally between male and female partners. Women who did not work outside the home page were satisfied vĩ đại perform 80% - the majority of the household work - if their husbands did remainder. Research has shown that, if  levels increase beyond these percentages, women become unhappy and anxious, and feel they are unimportant.After marriage, a woman is reported vĩ đại increase her household workload by 14 hours per week, but for men the amount is just 90 minutes. So the division of labour becomes unbalanced, as a man's share increases much less than thở the woman's. It is the inequality and loss of respect, not the actual number of hours, which leads vĩ đại anxiety and depression. The research describes housework as thankless and unfulfilling. Activities included in the study were cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry, washing up and childcare. Women who have jobs report that they feel overworked by these chores in addition vĩ đại their professional duties. In contrast, full-time homemakers frequently anticipate going back vĩ đại work when the children grow up. Distress for this group is caused by losing the teamwork in the marriage.

Câu 1: According vĩ đại the passage, a fair division of labour is that

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A. women tự 14 hours of housework

B. men tự more housework than thở women

C. women tự more than thở 80 percent of the housework

D. women and men share the housework equally

Câu 2: All activities mentioned in the passage are household chores EXCEPT

A. childcaring 

B. washing-up

C. shopping 

D. taking care of old-aged parents

Câu 3: The word "remainder" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to                 .

A. what is share   

B.  what is fulfilled 

C. what is done    

D. what is left

Câu 4: The word "norm" in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to_                   .

A. strange thing  

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B. unequal thing 

C. changing thing 

D. usual thing

Câu 5: Although women think men should share the housework, those who don't have paid job agree vĩ đại share              of the chores.

A. 14 percent 

B. 37 percent    

C. 80 percent     

D. 70 percent

Câu 6: It can be inferred from the passage that after getting married,                                        .

A. women tự twice as much housework as men

B. women tự less and less housework

C.  men spend much less time doing housework than thở women.

D. men tự more housework than thở women

Câu 7: The word "they" in paragraph 2 refers vĩ đại

A. men 

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B. labour 

C. jobs 

D. women