If someone came into the store, smile and say, “May I help you?” A B C D

Read the following passage and mark the teller A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to tát indicate the correct answer to tát each of the following questions.     Mercury is the smallest thành viên of the sun's family which is only 3,100 miles across. It is also the sun's swiftest planet. Its yearly journey round the sun is only 85 days.    Mercury always keeps one side towards the sun. On this side it is always day, on the other side it is always night. We only see the lighted side.    Mercury appears to tát us lượt thích a yellowish orange star. The nearest planet to tát the sun, it is always seen near the sun, either just before sunrise or soon after sunset. People sometimes gọi Mercury the morning star or evening star. Mercury is half the size of the earth. Because it is much lighter, it has much less gravity. If you can visit Mercury in a spaceship, you will find it a strange world. Its low gravity makes you feel very light. If your weight on earth is 100 pounds, your weight on Mercury is only 27 pounds. Looking at the sun from Mercury, you can see that it’s much more brilliant phàn nàn it is seen from the earth. And the yellow centre of the sun appears three times bigger from Mercury. On the lighted side, Mercury’s temperature is about 300 degrees centigrade. But the dark side is extremely cold, 150 degrees below zero ví Mercury is probably the coldest as well as the hottest of the planets.  The word swiftest in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to tát ______.